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Free DIY Computer Repairs by a Do It Yourselfer

DIY Computer Repairs - Whoa! Get a 'somkin' deal from your last computer repair? DIY Computer Repairs is cheaper! Hey! Can you identify the parts in this computer? Of course not it is a cartoon! :) This is how you want your computer to look? Well read on I am sure you will find what you are looking for at DIY Computer Repairs!
From this? To this To this!

How do you get high quality home PC fixes
for free or without becoming a geek?

Discover how to Troubleshoot, Repair, Upgrade, Maintain, & Secure Your Computer...
From a PC Repair Technician with over twenty five years of experience!

Translated no technical or geek jargon where possible...

What is your technical problem with your home computer repairs?

 What is causing you the most heartburn with your home computer repairs or problem?

This web site is about do it your self computer repairs, or  home computer repair to fix your computer; be it a desktop, laptop, or server, new or old, why you can do the home PC repair yourself.

Note: This web site was renamed from WWW.DIY-Computer-Repair.COM

  • You may be a part time DIYer and do your repairs as a hobby, that is great, the information is free here for you.
  • You maybe very serious about doing all your home computer repair and consider your endeavors as a part time job, that is fantastic, the free information here will help you gain the experience you need.
  • You maybe a pro DIYer, that is fine, because even a pro needs a little bit of help now and then and it is free.

In other words a DIY Computer Repairs web site by a do it yourselfer that is also a retired PC repair tech and senior systems administrator that has seen it all from the original dual floppy drive IBM PC's to the latest and greatest i7 quad extreme desktops and laptops.

If it isn't here then it is in one of my publications (computer repair ebooks some of them are free). When all else fails read the RTFM! (Read The Fine Manual!)   Smile...

Speaking of manuals; to do more fixes with less searches and no geek! Use the most popular Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition E-book!

Something I learned a long time ago:

If you maintain your equipment and / or tools they will last a lot longer. And when you need them they will perform the way you expect them to. A computer is no different, there are things that you need to do on a regular or scheduled basis that will prolong the life of your computer.

(I have three Pentium III laptops that are over 15 years old that run 24/7 for server tasks in my office, I do preventive maintenance [PM] on them on a regular basis).

You could consider the free content of this web site on diy computer repairs and the books on computer repairs I write as tutorials for those that don't have the experience a seasoned DIYer would have.

"One of it's biggest benefits (of this web site www.diycomputerrepairs.com) is the saving of your time (and money) by excluding all the useless, bad and especially counter-productive information that is so widely available online." 

Ken Evoy             
CEO sitesell.com

On the internet there is a lot of "free" advice or "help" on PC's from who has the best computer to how to repair one, however you need to consider this: "Buy cheap, Get cheap!" (my motto) and free is about as cheap as you can get.

You will also see this on my product pages: "Most people prefer searching for their repair solutions that are free on the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all..."

New to DIY Computer Repairs?

This will help you: An Introduction to home computer repairs or Do It Yourself Computer Repairs

If you are tired of the run around with searching for your DIY Computer Repairs solutions I have an offer for you:  DIY Insiders

The purpose of this DIY Computer Repairs web site is to assist you with all the free information you need to make your PC the best it can be.

Although the operating system information and support is for Windows XP and Windows Seven, the hardware techniques apply to Mac PCs also.

There seems to be a misconception about Do It Yourself Computer Repairs, you can do most home computer repairs yourself.

There are areas where you either don't have the technical training or the expensive equipment to do the diagnostics (troubleshooting) or the repair.

Such as:

  • Component level troubleshooting of diodes, caps, transistors, or resistors.
  • Component level replacement and then testing of diodes, caps, transistors, or resistors

For the most part a computer is made up of individual modules, you would troubleshoot the problem, identify the failed part, then replace the part or module.

If you have to buy an Oscilloscope and other expensive equipment then learn how to use it the cost would be prohibitive for the DIYer...

My $0.02 about some of the questions I am getting lately.

This home computer repairs web site has grown to over 800 pages (in 20 sections) of expert tech advice to help you do your desktop, laptop, or server repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. Look around, use the Site Map and Menu to get your solution!

"There may not be a free lunch, but there is Low Cost PC repair! "

The main theme of this web site is to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your PC with out the geek jargon.

However with the ever growing threat to your financial data and personal Identity; I have increased the amount of information for security, how to secure your computer and the network you use to connect to the internet. Security of you data is just as important as keeping your computer running at optimum performance.

You will see this on a lot of pages: "It is your data, if you don't protect it, it will not be yours for long!"

Do you know how to make a DIY Computer Repairs Tool Kit or Box? (IT Toolbox)Do you have a DIY Computer Repairs IT Toolbox? No? Then how you going to fix your computer?

Do you know what is in an IT tool box?

This lists the seven essential tools I recommend that you have in your DIY IT Tool Box put them on a pen drive to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack... I do   Smile...

If you are a DIYer already and are thinking of becoming a 'PC Repair Tech' I have written a series of articles about the steps you may want to consider here:
How to become a computer repairs technician...

A list of topics on this DIY Computer Repairs site that are read more than most others:

bulletThe most read page on DIY Computer Repairs:
           "Why Upgrade to SSD and Installation"  (Then download a free checklist...)

bulletDo you have a disaster recovery strategy? Back up that PC

bulletWhy Laptop batteries will not last forever! Laptop batteryShatterd laptop screen, you can change this!

bulletWhat your business needs - DIY For Server Owners... (updated)

bulletHide your pc from those hackers/criminals/thieves!
          How to setup a router

bulletYou have a slow PC? (Not a Speed Up MY PC program) Why not optimize it? (for free!)

bulletHow do you create an image of your hard drive  - For recovery purposes

bulletUPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Surge Protectors, Surge Arrestors.
          Why you need these...  Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Surge Protectors

A list of new articles on www.diycomputerrepairs.com -

bulletMissing device software? How to find a Hardware Driver  NEW

bulletXP Updates are they real? XP Update...

bulletWindows 10...
           Windows 10 Desktop, Folders, and Shortcuts a comparison

bullet Emergency Repair Disk or ERD how do you make one?  You do NOT want a "smoke'n" computer... Trust me on this one!
           Make Your Own Custom ERD

bulletTroubleshooting a SSD - Solid State Drive failure.

bulletRepairing your Motherboard Component Repair on a Motherboard

bulletWhat does this mean and how can it help you?
           Mean Time Between Failure - MTBF

bulletComing soon: Why does my laptop shutdown when on AC and the Battery is installed?

bulletIf you are wondering why I created and keep this web site up to date; read the
          About Me page:  About the owner of diycomputerrepairs.com

Other Links of interest -

bulletNeed help with basic system functions: Computer help - Learn how to use your PC

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Over 1.9 Million readers have used this web site to fix their PC's since 2007!

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Emergency Repair
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Repair Disk

Custom made for you...

You keyboard isn't thirsty, and it doesn't need calcium. Milk and other liquids will ruin a keyaboard!

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