This WEB SITE has BEEN Removed from service and will not be renewed!

Do to my political beliefs this web site was targeted by the search engines for those beliefs.

In November 2011 this web site had it's highest visitor count and  it's highest revenue, things were good!

Then in March of 2012 a change of Google's indexing algorithm sent the page rank for this site from the first page and close to the #1 line on that page to well beyond the tenth page.

After struggling for five years trying to get this web site back in to the second page or even back to the first page failed I have decided to throw in the towel, because my Misses said: "It is your toy, if it can not Support itself then close it down!"

So it is closed, when the hosting subscription comes due it will not be paid, zero balance on the profit line means no money to renew with this great hosting site: Solo Build IT!

For six years it was fun, for the next five it was disinheriting to work on this web site almost daily and not see any improvement. The bank account that was doing so great until March 2012 is now empty.

For those that use this site, my apologies, I do encourage you to look around for a new source for your DIY COMPUTER REPAIR advice and while doing those searches use a different search engine than!

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